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  Our main aim for creating this Website is to make the people working in the banking industry to feel comfortable while giving their JAIIB & CAIIB Exams. Because, there are not much online websites are available to give mocktests for JAIIB &CAIIB. If available also, they are not 100% free. Through this website, we try to provide unlimited mocktests to be tried by the members.

Though we decided to have the name "JAIIB CAIIB MOCK TEST" because our main aim was to provide a online website which can provide 100% free unlimited Mock Tests for JAIIB & CAIIB Exams, wetry to provide maximum possible information related to Banking & Finance in a single platform which will be really useful for the people related to banking industry.

  We, the young & energetic force of Bankers form a group of talented, professionally qualified people who not only interest in our personal development but are also willing to put up our whole hearted effort for the development of the banks.

  We also conducts "Discussion/Preparation Sessions" for JAIIB & CAIIB Exams regularly at our Facebook Group "JAIIB-CAIIB STUDY MATERIALS". If interested you can join our group here and take advantage of the same.








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