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Friends, many questions may not have answers. Just go through Book and Internet to update yourselves with the right answers. Let me also try to post the answers if possible.


1) Table based question on money supply m1 M2 M3
2)Working cap limit …first method, 2nd metbod.
3)Table based question on LC
4)Johari window
5)5 Question on Fv Pv and of formua pv=fv/(1+r)2
6)corrilation regression table based.
7)type I and type ll person 3 Questions
8)demand and supply equilibrium 1 Question
9) broad money and narrow money 2 Que.
10) 40% Hrm question.

1. End refer to ---- Wants.
2. Cash Budget method is applied bet for appraisal of ......... business (seaspnal)
3. An Enqury into the Nature and causes of the wealthe off nations written by ....... Adam Smith.
4. Narrow money M1
5. Broad Money M3
6. Micro enterised in manufacturing sector under MSMED 2006 cost of machines ect upto 25 Cr.
8. Phase of business follow Depression ---- Recovery.
9. Find the FV.
10 Find Current ratio.
11. Case study on S.D, Variance etc.12. case of Export finance.
13. case of training need in HRM.
14. 3-4 on sampaling, Linear programming .
15. case study on Tondon 1 & 2.

GDP Deflator: it is measure of the level of prices of all new, domestically produced, final Goods and services in an economy.
GDP deflator is not based in a fixed basket of Goods and services

Life (Adulthood) Stages

Individual’s development is to achieve an ego identity
A reconciliation process of what he perceives himself to be, what he thinks others perceive him to be and make an adjusted assessment to form his identity

Young Adulthood
Starts developing relationship with individuals, groups (interest group or work group) or occupation.

Guiding the next generation
Passing on the knowledge, values or sponsoring the younger colleagues

Person attempts to achieve ego integrity by examining whether life has been meaningful or satisfying

Understanding self helps in the process of self-development

Johari Window by Luft and Ingham

The more one knows oneself, the better equipped he is to face challenges



Summary of a Balance sheet of XYZ Company

Current Liabilities (in Crores)

Cash Credit - 800
Trade Creditors - 4500
Other Current Liabilities - 1200

Total Current Liabilities - 6500

Current Assets (in Crores)

Cash - 1500
Inventory - 5000
Debtors - 1400
Other Current Assets - 600

Total Current Assets - 8500

Find out

1. Current Ratio
Current Ratio = CA/CL = 8500/6500 = 1.31

2. Acid-Test Ratio
Acid-Test Ratio = Quick Assets/CL = (CA-Inv)/CL = (8500-5000)/6500 = 3500/6500 = 0.54

3. Net Working Capital
Net Working Capital = CA - CL = 8500 - 6500 = 2000

4. Working Capital Cap
Working Capital Cap = CA - (CL - BB) = 8500 - (6500 - 800(CC)) = 8500 - 5700 = 2800

5. MPBF as per Tandon Committee - Method-I
MPBF as per Tandon Committee - Method-I = WCG - 25% of WCG = 2800 - 25% of 2800 = 2800 - 700 = 2100

6. MPBF as per Tandon Committee - Method-II
MPBF as per Tandon Committee - Method-II = WCG - 25% of CA = 28000 - 25% of 8500 = 2800 - 2125 = 675

7. Current Ratio as per Tandon Committee - Method-I
Current Ratio as per Tandon Committee - Method-I = CA / (MPBF + Trade Creditors + Other CL) = 8500 / (2100+4500+1200) = 8500 / 7800 = 1.09

8. Current Ratio as per Tandon Committee - Method-II
Current Ratio as per Tandon Committee - Method-II = CA / (MPBF + Trade Creditors + Other CL) = 8500 / (675+4500+1200) = 8500 / 6375 = 1.33

9. Borrowing by the way of Cash Credit when compared with Tandon Committee - Method-I
Borrowing by the way of Cash Credit = 800
MPBF as per Tandon Committee - Method-I = 2100
So, Borrowing by the way of Cash Credit is short by (2100 - 800) = 1300 Crores

10. Borrowing by the way of Cash Credit when compared with Tandon Committee - Method-II
Borrowing by the way of Cash Credit = 800
MPBF as per Tandon Committee - Method-II = 675
So, Borrowing by the way of Cash Credit is excess by (800 - 675) = 125 Crores


A question on herzberg's two factor on motivation-hygiene theory
schien's three dimension movements viz vertical, circumferential and radial
johari window concept: closed- known to self but not known to others
calculation of RD amount
numeicals on sampling
correlation regression
a set of quest on M1,M2,M3,M4
2 paragraphs based on risk mgt, and hrm
and 10 ques based on them
numericals on union budget
statified n clustr sampling
numericals on point and interval estimation.
Major portion of today's exam
Case study on Him
Numerical on standard deviation, variance ,mean
Fiscal deficit numerical
Numerical on fv
Group formation
Numerical on share
Inflation CPI
Eri motivation theory
Case study on Lc

Narrow money
LM curve
Standard deviation
CR ratio
5 questions fr calculation of M1 M2 M3 M4
About ITES
Calculate the lc with eoq method
laissez fair economy is market economy
ends refer to wants
market equilibrium price quqntity demanded is quantity supplied
m3 = m1+ time dep with banking system
cpl is more relevant for consumers
Keynes theoy liquidity preferance theory of interest
Market economy is also known as...? Ans. capitalistic economy
depression phase is followed by recovery phase
higher growth in service sector
Questions based on mean, variance and standard deviation of 5 marks
interest is awarded for using capital and taking risk
Working capital gap
Tol and tnw calculative problem
simple question on calculating amount for compound intrest
queston on fvof bop annuity
standard deviation of sampling is called standard error
a portion of element choosen is called sample
second degree equation isrs in timseries analysis
You cannot see others dark blind etc
Numeric on capital
Nature and wealth management book s author
Reason for shift in demand curve,market economy,laissez faire economy
Govt Measures to control inflation,5 marks pblms to find narrow monew,broad mny etc
CPI issued by whom?
Full form of cso
Base rate,crr,slr,GDP
Calculation of pv,fv ,annuity
5 mrks pblm frm correlatin, regression, linear programming
Many questions frm hrm like emotional intlgnce,career anchors,knowles theorems,type A nd type B persons,hersbergs theory, etc
turnovr method of assesmnt, 5 marks questn frm LC relating to its lead time usance period etc,current assets,working capital etc etc etc...

Please find recollected question of ABM;-

Standard Error, Mean, coefficient approx 10 questions..
What is Broad Money
What is Narrow Money
Stressed Assets ?
HR related 2 paragragh
CPI related??
LM curve : theory??
Deffered Payment Guarantee??
Business cycle?
Sampling : systemic/ stratified?
Laissez faire economy??
Depression is followed by....??
Group Formation ka order??
Calculate ---
working capital gap
Gross working capital
Fiscal deficit
Expenditure Non expenditure.

5ques reg (m1 - m4)..Gwc 5 ques...Hrm 5 ques..standard deviation 5 ques and in primary gross & fiscal deficit 5 ques

one que was on Lc..if transit period comes down

One que on wc gap
Gross working capital..
Hrm..zohari que was there
Effect of shift in demand due to????
Gdp deflator
Cso 3 segments of industrial sector
Fixed period between the stages of business cycle .ans- not any fixed period
Wht is not stressed asset
Narrow money?
Drt -conditions it can be only filed when it is fully secured
Or if loan amt is more then 10 lac
ends define...answer is wants
2 wpi announced ....monthly
3 cpi is released by ...labour bureau
Gdp announced ......



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