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Friends, Updating here the recollected questions from June 2019 Exams. Wish you all the very best for your exam.


1. Calculate GDP GNP, increase/decrease in GDP GNP

2. Calculate NNP 5 MARK

3. Freedom to learn comes under ? Ans : Organismic or humanistic theory

4. Sampling calculations

5. Break even point

6. NPV

7. NPA provision calculations

8. HRM 2 case study - Motivational factor, Appraisal, Training, Performance appraisal, career path planning, attitude etc
(Maximum question from HRM, Most of theories from HRM)

9. Numerical questions on Bond

10. 5 questions from Priority Sector Lending (PSL). To calculate NBC, ANBC, RIDF contribution, Weaker section - 10%, Micro enterprises - 7.5%

11. Calculating present value

12. Union budget 2018-19

13. 5 questions on linear programming

14. Demand & Supply break even point case study

15. Budget deficit sum

16. Many questions on simulation and time series

17. Effective ROI

18. Fiscal Deficit, Gross Fiscal Deficit, Personal Income

19. Case study based on export working capital limit

20. Calculation of national income and personal income

21. About CLR and SLR

22. Wealth theory By?

23. 1991 reforms which one not done?

24. Demand and supply equilibrium curve model 5M - Graph given

25. Motivational theories 1 mark questions for 5 questions

26. Performance appraisal method - Case Study 5 Mark

27. Difference between micro and macro economics

28. 5 questions from demand and supply curve

29. Cash budgeting

30. Employees feedback system

31. Job analysis

32. Calculate ANBC FIGURE

33. Calculate weaker section lending target

34. Johari window concept

35. Calculate Net Working Capital (NWC)

36. Calculate acid test ratio

37. Demand deposit with banking system includes what all?

38. 5 marks questions on Letter of credit and export credit

39. HDI rank of India?? 130

40. Functions of money

41. Meaning of "ends and scare means"

42. Laissez-Faire economy

43. Bond inversely proportional to interest

44. Tertiary sector

45. Tools of monetary policy

46. End of the period Annuity formula

47. Effective rate of interest calculation

48. Usage of Linea programming

49. Defination/Meaning/Use of Job Specifications

50. Related to Learning Theory

51. Related to career concept

52. Related to career path

53. Schein's Career Anchors

54. Locus of control

55. Transactional Analysis

56. Emotional Intelligence

57. TL, CC, LC sequence for a given case

58. 5 Questions from a case study regarding RBI guidelines for fund allocation for priority sectors

59. Acid Ratio Calculation

60. Turnover ratio calculation

61. Steps of loan document appraisal... stamping, filling, checking,etc

62. NPA account time frame for different categories

63. Micro and macro economics

64. Cash budget will be applicable on ...... 1. Educational institutions**, 2. Contractor, 3. Dairy farming taken, 4. Traders

65. Numerical questions on ECB - 5 marks



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