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31. Computer Peripheral

32. Call & Short Money

33. Credit Voucher

34. YTM bond is ......

35. Spot

36. Govt Company - 51% share

37. NPV

38. Written Down Method of Depreciation

39. Bonds

40. Sum of years Digit Method of Depreciation

41. bank Reconcillation Statement

42. Deffered Revenue Expenditure

43. Capital Expenditure

44. Balance Sheet Equations

45. Trading A/c

46. P & L Appropriation Account

47. Final Accounts

48. Matured term deposit to be shown under?

48. 2 bits on NPV and one problem on NPV

49. Problem on current liabilities giving debt equity ratio, total assests, own funds

50. Realization, Materiality, Consistency, Accural

51. Interest Rate

52. Interest due but not received

53. Rectification errors and entries

54. Problems on coupon rate

55. Sweat equity share

56. Cash book, bank passbook

57. Problems on depreciation (straight line method, sum of year's digit) total 5-8 marks asked from this.

58. Bond Value

59. Preference shares


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