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Classification of errors concept 2 questions

We need to find type of error in the given scenario

Rectification of errors 2 questions

Capital and revenue expenditure and receipt 2 questions. We need to find type of expenditure based on given scenario

Difference between bill of exchange and promissory note

Term and Due date of bills 2 questions

Net worth =

Entries relating to depreciation

Profit and loss appropriation account 1question

About liquidity ratio 1 question

Banking company required to prepare financial statements in accordance with...1 question

Schedules balance sheet comments nearly 5questions like

money at call and short notice

Balance with RBI

Baddebts and provision for doubtful debts one question

One question on DEAF

SLR securities types 1question

Types of companies based on ownership 1question

Sweat equity shares

Forfeiture and reissue shares journal entries 1question

CTS one question

Core banking 2question

Outsourcing of services by banks

Kyc customer acceptance policy1ques

Periodic updation of kyc1ques

BCSBI one question


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