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1. NPB & IRR problems

2. WDV & sum of digits

3. Principle 10000 after 3 yrs it's 16000 which is compounded annually...Find r after 3 yrs ??

4. 2 problems on ratios

5. Balance sheet 1 problem

6. YTM & bond value 2 problem

7. Rent receivable what account

8. Real & nominal related questions

9. Accounting in CBS

10. Rectification of error

11. Officialy valid documents

12. Minor can operate acount - 10 yrs

13. promisiry note two party 1 maker 2 payee

14. straight line method formula


16. Which type of account can not be opened for FCNRB?

17. Advantages of computer accounting

18. Data definition

19. What is the meaning of voucher posting in Banking?

20. What is CLIF?

21. Which one is not considered as OVD? How can a customer open Account without any OVD?

22. What are the document required to be colleccted for sole propritor current account?

23. Pension fund management by bank

24. Which one does not come under parabanking activities?

25. Why all banks have account in other bank?

26. Accounting concepts examples



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