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Who issue accounting standards

Some questions on concepts

Single column cash book have how many columns

Entry in real account

Accouting standard determined by ?

Accounting standrad 6 related to ...... depreciation

Noting charge carried by?

Which error affect the trial balance

Math on YTM.

Sum of digit depreciation

Value of a machine 100000/- salvage value 10000/- life 5 years after 3 years it was sold to another co. for Rs.8000/- profit?

Petty cash is asset or income

Cross rate problems

Bond value problem

Concept of accounting

AS 10 relates to..

Withdrawal by proprietor is recorded in drawings account..

Frequency of kyc..

Can blind person open current account...

Solvency ratio..

Transport of machine is what type of expenditure..

Max balance of zero balance savings account...

Clerical error is what type of error...

Matching types of error..

Delay in cheque clearing charges...

Sum of digits method of depreciation.

Currency related SPOT, CASH.

Compound interest calculation.

Simple interests principle calculation.

4 questions from categorizations of a/cs line with risk factors.

Scrap value, useful life, deprecated value find value of assets at start

Sweat share.

Match table of different errors like clerical, principle, compensating etc.

Match table of revenue, capital, deferred expenditure.

Bank reconciliation 3/4 questions cash book balance, select causes for reconciliation.

Where comes 'cash in hand' .....Pl a/c, balance sheet etc.

Regarding ATM message alerts.

Acid test ratio.

Bonus share related (complex).

In accounting Conservative thinking,

Changing of rules of depreciation every year.

Sales on credit...journal entry.

Trial balance related.


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