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Recollected - Feb 2017

Daily votality is 5% 2.5 Find modified duration - Ans is 2.38

STRIPS (Separate Trading of Registered Interest and Principal Securities) is a ...... zero-coupon securities

Which is not a derivative product ? - Repo (Swap, Option, Forward, Repo)

ECB limit - USD 500 mn up to minimum period of 5 years and USD 20 mn up to minimum period of 3 years without prior approval of RBI

ECB is denominated in which currencies.....USD, Euro or JPY

Consessive rate of interest on postshipment rupee export credit to gold card status holder can be extended maximum - 365 days

One importer want import one machine from China.He has to open lc. The exporter wants advance payment. What type lc - red clause

Value at risk is a measure of? Gap risks in foreign exchange operations

Which office not under treasury ? Options given r Mid office, back office, front office, legal office*,

Under standard assets, provision for loss, RSV should be?? Ans - less than 10%

If interest of principle is not serviced for 90 days, what is the position of account? ans- outof order

Basel 3 teir 1 components. (Plz remember that Revaluation reserve is also now under Teir 1)

If treasury assets r withdrawn before maturity, what type of risk is it? ,

A 91 Day T bill of 93.21 wl have yield of?

If 91 days treasury is 88., then its implied yield is?

ICAAP is related to?

ADR related question

Double forward is called what ?

Related to Nro account

Nro account can be opened as sb,CA,FD type

Derivatives also lot of questions

Advising bank roles ... Like what he can do what can't




Risk weightage

Lot of RWAs questions

Which is not included in calculation of NDTL/DTL for CRR/SLR

Component of tier 1

Rwa as per Basel III for housing loan based on LTV

Many questions sellect correct or incorrect about NRO NRE FCNR ECB EEFC CCIL

Estimated occurence of probability

Questions on currency derivatives, forwards, swaps

Forex market characteristics

One question related to embedded option risk

As per basic indicator approach calculation of capital charge 15% of average gross income over there years given but one of the year is having negative one that we have to ignore.

8.83GS2023price100.49 with yield 8.75 .....just it is given and based on this statement he asked for 5marks

Crystallization period for export

One question on American and europian option

Capital charge on operational risk based on standardized approach and basic indicator approach

Questions on ADR AND GDR

Questions on option and forward contact, future

Loan To Value Ratio

Risk Weight %

Swap Defination , ADR and INCOTERMS



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