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Recollected - June 2016

Case Studies on

1. Cancellation of contract


3. RWA

4. MEAN & SD

5. SLR

6. YTM


8. NII & NIM

9. Tier1, Tier2

10. Capital adequecy

11. Nostro Vostro Loro

12. Daily volatilty

13. Stop loss limit

14. Operational risk case study

15. Foreign exchange numericals

16. Swap numericals

17. Liquidity case study

18. Forward rate agreement 25 crore 3 month swap, three year three business line calculate yield and risk weightage

19. Calculate CET Basel 3

20. Calculate Aadditional tier 1


2 to 3 question duration
5 question export bill(cancellation of contract rate, margin amount,rebook rate,etc)
5 question on capital adequacy (balance sheet provided, compute equity capital, tier 1 capital, total rw, capital adequacy, buffer capital)
5 question on nostro,loro vostro
5 question on FRA
5 question on net interest margin
2-3 question on bonds
3-4 question on LC
some 2-3 sums on bpv

1. Rate qoute 1 ques
2.LC partial delivery UCPDC rule
3.FRA 6*9 dates of delivery and maturity study on rules and guidelines regarding NRE, NRO and FCNR accounts- amt of loan,POA,remittance,fund transfer limit etc swaps,forward contracts
6.securitization-SPV or Commercial bank allocation of assets
7.Case study on NII,NIM,EER
8.Case study on Cash flows,deviation during years,SD/mean
9.ECGC insurance premium bear by?
11.treasury risk management 4-5 ques
12.European put option
13.Authorises person categ 2
14. ques on BOP expansion margin calculation from rates
16.Stop loss given- asked whether buy or sell at what rate to book profit or stop loss
17.monthly volatility given-calculate daily volatility
18.modified duration calculation study on Nostro Vostro and Loro and Mirror accounts
20.which is not an off balance sheet item of following
21.crystallisation of sight bills 30 days
22.LC date expired due to bank closed due to hurricane UCPDC rule
23.standard ECGC policy cover-political risk
24.basel III - tier 2 capital req of total risk wtd assets, pillar 3 def
25.standardised approach and basic indicator approach and AMA all methods for operational risk calcualtion
24. volatility can also be measured by?
25.price volatility depends on yield volatility,BPV,Yield and price
26.VaR related 2 ques theoretical
27.derivatives hedge underlying risks risk
29.Maturity ladder or baskets case study
30.provision coverage ratio def
31.asset liability mismatch
32. Bond ytm,current yield 2-3 ques


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