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Recollected - Dec 2015

1. As per basel 3...investment % in banking and FI
Minimum total capital requirement will remain at the current 8% level (9% as per RBI).
But the required total capital will increase to 10.5% (11.5% as per RBI) when combined with the conservation buffer (2.5%).

2. What option is available to issuer in CP?
Issuer of CP can issue/hold CP in dematerialised or physical form

3. Call money otc deal ____ time period for NDS
Deals in the Call/Notice/Term money market can be done from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on weekdays and from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm on Saturdays or as specified by RBI from time to time.

4. fimmda/fedai/iba formed mibor this company
Board of Financial Benchmarks India Pvt. Ltd (FBIL)

5. ALCO committee meeting in ____ time period
Individual banks will have to decide the frequency for holding their ALCO meetings

6. Under lrs amt dat can be remitted per fy
USD 250,000

7. Recession period as per ICAAP

8. No of principles under SRP - 4

9. Negative carry of crr n slr

10. No. imp areas in mkt disciplines - 13

11. T-bill min investment - Rs. 25000

12. NIM and EER Formula....
EER = Equity / Total assets

13. case study on dgap,weight,leverage, modified duration...
Modified duration = sub of pvt/ sub of pv
Mc duration = mod dur/ yield + 1

Dirty Bond is a bond with interest of broken period. One that is traded on a day between two successive coupon payment dates.

Npa provision calculations
gap calculAtions
rwa calculations
cd theory
fwd rate calculations
What is dirty price
..what is ponv
..basel 3 questions
...difference between credit linked note nd CDS
...question on haircut study on duration, modified duration study on Letter of credit
Case study on pricing of assets nd liabilities
..questions on spot price..forward rate

5 Numbers bunch on Commercial paper
Like validity, amount, eligibility etc.
Total 5 number.
All r there in ur sample questions bt one by one.
Here they asked in bunch.

Currency swap sum for 5 number. Last time also in june it had come

5 number questions on Import Lc. Different 2 Questions.
Like 1 is lc for quantity 1000mt nd export presented 2 bill of ladings from different dates. If lc is ristricked for partial shipment then 4 option for different discrepancies ..
Other Questions if lc is silent on insurance and exporter submit 105% of invoice amt insurance cover then..
Like this 5 question on lcs basically on ucpdc article bt example wise

Static and dynamic simulation
How many partys in an otc txn
higher the RAROC____is the reward expectation from the investor.
As per regulator Basel III which are of following criteria is required for addition Tier I capital at the pre speeding trigger point.
Dirty price=clean price+accrued interest

T-bill min investment
Rs. 25000

Under LRS amt dat can be remitted per fy
USD 250,000

NIM and EER Formula....
Net Interest Margin is the ratio of net interest income to average interest-earning assets = NIM = NII - NIE
EER = Equity / Total assets

No. imp areas in mkt disciplines

F.I can issue CDs for a period of?
1 to 3 years

Interest rate ceiling fixed by regulator on FCNR (B), 3-5yrs?
Interest ceiling for maturity period between 1 year and 3 years is LIBOR/Swap +200bps
Interest ceiling for maturity period between 3 years and 5 years is LIBOR/Swap +400bps

3 types of Forex exposures
Transaction, Translation and Economic Exposure

25 day volatility of a stock is 3.75. Find daily volatility?
volatility stocks = root of no. of days * daily volatility

C.D are issued in the form of?
Usance Promissory Note

Article 10 of UCP 600?
Ammenement acceptance

CRILC full form
Central Repository of Information on Large Credits (CRILC)

RWA of housing loan
Housing Loans - 50%
Housing Loans > Rs. 30 Lakhs - 75%

Provision of sub - standard category (secured)?

Advanced measurement approach under operational risk, risk mitigation upto ..........%?

Minimum credit rating by sebi?
The minimum credit rating shall be 'A3' as per rating symbol and definition prescribed by SEBI.

Full Form of PONV
point of non-viability

Interbank Rate
The rate of interest charged on short-term loans made between banks. Banks borrow and lend money in the interbank market in order to manage liquidity and meet the requirements placed on them.



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