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CAIIB Sample Paper

Note: I had updated and uploaded the sample papers here for June 2018 Exams. The sample papers given below are not entirely our own creation but also collected from different websites/internet/FB and also shared by many people. I am just trying to put together everything to help you all. For copying/printing these files, just click on the link or pdf image. The file will open in Google Doc. Click on the Down Arrow to download the file.

Advanced Bank Management


CAIIB ABM Sample Questions for June 2018

images/bullet3.gif  2.6 MB


Bank Financial Management


CAIIB BFM Sample Questions for June 2018

images/bullet3.gif  2.8 MB


Retail Banking


CAIIB Retail Banking Sample Questions for June 2018

images/bullet3.gif  1 MB


Human Resources Management


CAIIB HRM Sample Questions

images/bullet3.gif  323 kb




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