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Friends, I am updating the re-collected questions from Nov 2017 posted by our group members. Let me update this page with the answer as and when I get time. Till then you all can go through the book/internet and update yourselves. Wish you all the very best for your exam.


33. MSME
34. CD issued by?
35. 4c's, 4p's match the following
36. Monetary policy by?
37. Banks doing insurance bussiness under which act? Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority Act
38. Customer bank relation match the following?
39. SHG withdrawal must be signed by?
40. You have paid rs.40000 in business hours for a customer. The account has balance of 200000 remaining. U received garnishee order after business hours of Rs. 250000. What would you do?
41. BG issued by your bank. What is your bank?
42. NPCI Was introduced by?
43. Short term agriculture lone becomes NPA for how much time? Ans - 2 crop season
44. Which is not comes under direct agriculture advance?
45. What is the first stage in new product development?
46. Mortgage is definitely need under which Act?
47. Write appropriate ans about RBI. Ans - RBI is started Apr 1. under RBI act
48. BASEL 2 consists of ?
49. What is the second stage In Kyc?
50. CC sanctioned based on Wt Procedure.
51. If Banks not maintain min CRR requirement what is the penality?
52. What are the capital market instruments?
53. A bond which will issue below the face value? Ans - Discount bonds
54. What are the provisions for Doubtful assets 3? Ans - Secured - 40%, Unsecured - 100%
55. A & B are joins holder of FDR. If A died then what will happen to the FDR? Ans - The surviving holder may claim the rights over deposit.
56. BANKNET uses which switching? Ans - Packet switiching
57. Simplex transmission. Ans - Transmitting data only in one direction
58. Mr A who is resident of outside India. His grand parents are Indians. Then A called as ......
59. Revolving LC
60. Once mortgage created it has to register with whom?
61. Loan against term deposit on the name of minor
62. Paying bank protection of NI act..
63. How much loan sanction as education loan of courses in India.
64. About marketing mix and 4p's total 3 questions



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