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Friends, I am updating the re-collected questions from Nov/Dec 2018 posted by our group members. Let me update this page with the answer as and when I get time. Till then you all can go through the book/internet and update yourselves. Wish you all the very best for your exam.


1. Electronics chq is defined under sec... 6(a)

2. Sec 6 NI Act - Cheque

3. Sections were asked from NI Act - around 6 questions

4. PMJDY - 3 questions

5. Mandate holders - 2 questions

6. Can 2 minors open a joint account? E or S/For S/jointly*/minor cant open joint act

7. LC issued for Rs. 10 Lakhs. At the time of payment it was found in the bills mentioned as Rs. 10.90 Lakhs. Can it be accepted? - Yes.

8. Use of DRS system to CBS

9. Stages of Product Life Cycle - 4

10. Asset of Mutual Fund are held by... Custodian*/Registrar/Trustee

11. Corporate Security deals with ...... Market - Money Market

12. Codes which are withdrawn by RBI? - CDR S4A SDR JLF FSELT

13. What's your reason while accept/not to accept to provide an acknowledgement for Loan request?

14. Questions related to BCSBI

15. 3 questions about RTGS and NEFT

16. Matching of Lien/Set off/Pledge/Appropriation - Rights of physical property/FD created before maturity of loan

17. Where ASBA can be used?

18. 1 questions on Selective Control - to find out which is not a feature of SCC

19. Which asset cannot be assigned for loan? - Book Debt/LIC/Share Certificate/Copy Rights*

20. Minimum Credit rating of company for issue of CP should be ...... A1/AAA/AA1/A3*

21. 3/4 questions about computer data and security related in data question

22. White lable ATM

23. Limitation period of charges

24. Off balance sheet items

25. Basel 2 and 3 / ps lending / pmegp loan / checksm/

26. Forfaiting

27. Factoring

28. Partnership, computerization chapter

29. MSME Chapter

30. Questions on Credit Card

31. Maximum questions from NI Act

32. Approx 10 case study questions related to Day to Day Banking... Capital Market... and Marketing.

33. Forged Demand Fraft comes under which sec of NI Act?

34. Actionable claim.. which act?

35. A customer want to send 230000 rupee in his son's account of other bank with in 1 hour. Which medium is the preferred? IMPS/NEFT/RTGS*/IMPS & RTGS BOTH

36. Classification of MSME advances will be done on the basis of? Annual turnover

37. 1 Question from BSBDA


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