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1. CBO

2. Educational loan case study no numericals but asked limit margin wat are eligible things etc.

3. Mr.P availed educational loan for studying in UK he didn't get job after 6 months after completion of his studies .This default is

3. Mortgage related 5-6 individual questions

4. Car loan case study 5 questions

5. Numerical given in book last unit usable FSI same type but different values 5 questions

6. Some situation given asked whether responsiveness, assurance, reliability 3 individual question

7. What is needed for establishing white label atm.-gprs connection,pos terminal,nfs

8. White label atm are...

9. You buy shares on May 2014 and sell it on April 2016.this is short term asset

10. Case study on land buying,building its returns etc.

12. Given FV and asked PV simple one

13. Sinking fund case study.

14. Sinking fund coefficient given asked sinking fund amount

15. Your bank processing retail credit independently for marketing purpose.this is wat approach

16. What approach is not adopted by indian banks

17. A new gen private bank sells lot of car and two wheeler in its scheme this is wat type of marketing

18. Mobile banking case study 5 questions all limits asked...

19. IMPS is regulated by

20. Transaction limit per transaction of other bank ATM cards...



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