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Bank structured Models

Products types, (generic, augmented, potential....)

Problems on Future value and present value, What will be the monthly or annual amounts to be invest to get an amount in future etc

Emi calculations

HoriOntal and vertical

Predominantly horizental and predominantly vertical

Question on USP

Product differtiation

Depreciation SLM and WDV 5 quetion


Home loan eligibility calculation and education loan eligibility calculation 8 questions

Pure term insurance, comes under which needs according to mosleys table, and one question on jeevan anmol insurance, and if pure term insurance policy payment , how and when it will be, in case of death of insurer etc...

Agriculture land valuation

Housing valuation also one question

Mortgage primarily mentioned in ...... Tansfer of property act, BR act, sarfaesi act,

Another Q related to white lb ATM regarding required infrastructure like GPS POS NFS

Sinking Fund case study 5 ques

White label ATM

Car Loan case study 7 questions

Different approach 2 quest

Stages in product development

Rupay Card 3 questions

CIBIL score

What is EMI


Residual property case study

If employees are currently 5000 and increase by 5 % .tell no of employee after.10 yr

Genuine default


Why bank provide payment gateway in IRCTC?



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