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26. Rule 72

27. PM fasal bima yojona

28. CTR

29. CERSAI - which act

30. PMSBY - claim amout after losing one eye or one leg or hand

31. PMEGP - implemented through

32. POS

33. EWS_size

34. RML

35. CRM gap-iii between

36. Merchant banking means

37. Closed ended fund

38. APY

39. Advantage and disadvantage of retail banking

40. Limit of cash withdrawn from other bank ATM. Option 5000, 100000, 20000, 2500

41. How many neft settlements in a day?

42. Tax benefit in Home loan

43. Credit card cycle

44. NEFT/RTGS max n min limit

45. Basic diff.b/w rtgs n neft

46. Benefit of pvt. Banking

47. Wealth mgmt for corporates

48. Education loan repayment/defaults

49. EMI

50. Income tax


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