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1. Case study on Prepaid instrument

2. Case study on Depreciation WDV and SLM methods

3. Case study on Bharat Bill Payment System

4. Case study on CERSAI

5. Case study on ekyc

6. Case study on car loan?

7. Case study on 'housing loan for all' by newly launched scheme

8. Case study on Vehicle loan

9. Case study on Credit card billing

10. Case study on Education loan problem

11. Case study on Future value of ordinary annuity

12. Case study on BCSBI - 10 questions (theory based)

13. Case study on Future value of bond/annuity

14. Case study on Maslow Needs

15. Case study on CRM

16. Case study on EMI calculation

17. Case study on Capital gain

18. Case study on Calculate Present value

19. Case study on RML

20. Case study related to Internet banking 5 questions

21. Case study on wdv method

22. Case study on maslow hierarchy

23. Case study on tangibles..assurance..responsivess wale 5 factors

24. Case study on education loan for abroad

25. Case study on gift card

26. Three questions on rent capitalization method

27. Case study on education loan... all the fig are given ( eg. Hostel fee, tution fee, other expenses and bank margin).... we have to calculate max permissible bank loan

28. One critical case study on credit card... credit card limt, free int period, int rate, over limit penalty, due date and purchase date are given... We have to calculate int chraged
a. if the customer pays the amt due after 18 days from due date
b. If he pays half amt before due date then calculate int charged for remaining amt on a particular date?
c. If the amt cro sses the limit then calculate the amt he has to pay


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