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Recollected - Dec 2015

Case Study -1

A bank "X" issued a platinum credit card to mr. A with a credit limit of rs. 1,00,000. The bill date is 2nd of every month and due date is 22nd of the same month.

The rate of interest charged is 2.38% per month.
interest is calculated on daily basis.
Note: there is no interest charged for the first 50 month.
Overdue charges is rs. 600

Mr. A makes a shopping worth rs. 1,00,000 in the month of july and paid rs. 85000 on 22nd july and rest pays on 10th august with final payment.

Q.1 For how much days interest will be paid?
i) 18 days ii) 21 day iii) ..... days iv) No interest will be paid as MAD is paid

Q.2 What will be the financial charges on final payment?

Q.3 How much payment he will make in the full settlement at 10 august?

Q.4 What will be the overdue charges for the month?

Q.5 What will be the late payment charges are levied on him?


Case Study-2

As we know today private, public and foregin banks issues ATM to his customers. ATM is a now 24 hour banking service provider, now cutomer use atm not only to withdraw cash from machined but also to make shopping on various sites. Some banks offers additional facilities on ATM card i.e Accidental cover and Some gives a facility to withdraw money beyond the coutry limit. It has changed the banking scenerio globally, today a person who don't have money in a foreign country can withdraw money from ATM.

Q.1 max withdrawal limit for POS

Q.2 MAX withdrawl on other bank's atm in one transactions?

Q.3 Max free allowed limit on other banks ATM Machine?

Q.4 The bank promote using of ATM-- Ans to Reduce human cost on small payments


Case Study-3

As we know banks and financial institutions are constantly committed to stop money laundering by fulfilling the KYC norms of the customers. It helps in banks to know the customer as well as help them to satisfy their needs. By KYC norms bank can cross sale and up sale their product to the targeted group segment.

Q.1 What are the minimum time to revise KYC in A/c= 2 Years

Q.2 What is the time period for revise KYC to Low risk, Medium risk and High risk customer consecutively- Ans : 10 : 8 : 2 Years

Q.3 What can be used as an official valid document for KYC purposes?


Q.4 If a customer opens a small saving bank account without fulfilling KYC Norms. His annually dr. cr kitne honge



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