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Regular Study - Bank Financial Management

Both Basic Accounting Concepts and the concepts specially for the subject are given below. I request everyone to go through the Basic Concepts first if they are not already well versed with them :

Basic Accounting Terms Basel-III
Classification of Accounts  TT/Bills Buying/Selling Rate 
Process of Accounting Letter of Credit (LC)
Objective of accounting  Commercial Paper (CP)
Steps/Phases of Accounting Cycle Facilities for Exporters and Importers
Basic Assumptions  NRI - NRE/NRO
Basic Concepts of Accounting Correspondent Banking
Modifying Principles  Exchange Rates and Forex Business
Single Entry System Basics of Forex Derivatives
Double Entry System  Risks in Foreign Trade - Role of ECGC
Differences between Single entry system and Double entry system Risk Mitigation
Types of Transactions  Calculate RWAs and Capital Charge for Credit risk
Types of Transactions - Illustrations Credit Risk Mitigates
Accounting Equation  Operational Risk
Journal  How to calculate RWAs for Operational Risk?
Ledger Market Risk
Balancing an Account  Back Testing-Stress Testing
Distinction between Journal and Ledger Risk Management and Control
Trial balance  Numerical-Case Studies - RWA, CRAR, Tier-1&2
  Numerical - Time Horizon & Bond Value
  Treasury Management
  Treasury Products
  Funding and Regulatory Aspects
  Treasury Risk Management


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