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CAIIB - Topic Updates for Optional Papers

1. Rural Banking Rural Banking - Updates
Functions (Financial) of NABARD
Ratio Analysis
Working Capital Assessment
Rural Banking Operations
2. Retail Banking Retail Banking - Updates
PMLR Amendment Highlights
PMLR Amendment Gazette
3. Co-operative Banking Functions (Financial) of NABARD
Co-operative Banking – Updates
Co-Operative Banking-Updates: “Project funding techniques and requirement assessment”
Cooperative Banking Operations – Credit Management - Ratio Analysis & Break Even Analysis
4. Information Technology Information Technology - Updates
5. Risk Management 1. Additional Reading Material for Risk Management
2. Large Exposures Framework
3. Risk Management Information Security
4. Liquidity Risk
5. Enterprise Wide Risk Management
6. Partial Credit Enhancement
6. Corporate Banking 1. Ratios
2. External Commercial Borrowing
3. Large Exposures Framework
4. Partial Credit Enhancement
7. Treasury Management 1.Corrigendum - Courseware on Treasury Management
2.Additional Reading Material for Treasury Management
8. Financial Advising 1.Financial-ratios
2.Portfolio Performance Evaluation
9. International Banking 1.Update CAIIB_Elective-International_Banking
2. Additional Reading Material for International Banking
3. External Commercial Borrowing
4. Partial Credit Enhancement


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