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Recollected - June 2015

1. 2 Case studies on priority charge on mortgage

2. Problem on depreciation(By WDV)... eg. Wht will be the book value after 3 years?

3. Calculating future value

4. Diff between NEFT and RTGS

5. Questions on DSA

6. Case study on tax exemptions ( both interest and principal repayment)?

7. Prob on Depriciation by straight through method?

8. What does securitisation means?

9. Risk involved with DSA?

10. Questions on Potential product PROPAGATE?

11. EMI Calculation

12. Questions on vertical, horizantal model

13. How Many NEFT settlement on weekdays and saturday

14. How many characters in UTR?

15. Question on WRBR

16. Case study on education loan... all the fig are given ( eg. Hostel fee, tution fee, other expenses and bank margin).... we have to calculate max permissible bank loan

17. One critical case study on credit card... credit card limt, free int period, int rate, over limit penalty, due date and purchase date are given... We have to calculate int chraged
a. if the customer pays the amt due after 18 days from due date
b. If he pays half amt before due date then calculate int charged for remaining amt on a particular date?
C. If the amt crosses the limit then calculate the amt he has to pay

18. If we allow overdraft in CC a/c and the customer does not repay it, then can we approach DRT ? There are four options and we have to choose the correct one



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