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Regular Study - Advanced Bank Management

Both Basic Accounting Concepts and the concepts specially for the subject are given below. I request everyone to go through the Basic Concepts first if they are not already well versed with them :

Basic Accounting Terms Fundamentals of Economics
Classification of Accounts  Supply & Demand
Process of Accounting Money Supply & Inflation
Objective of accounting  Theories of Interest
Steps/Phases of Accounting Cycle Business Cycles
Basic Assumptions  Indian Economy and Various Sectors of the Economy
Basic Concepts of Accounting Economic Reforms
Modifying Principles  Monetary Policy and Fiscal Policy
Single Entry System GDP Concepts
Double Entry System  Union Budget
Differences between Single entry system and Double entry system Challenges Facing Indian Economy
Types of Transactions  Time Value of Money
Types of Transactions - Illustrations Sampling Methods
Accounting Equation  Correlation and Regression
Journal  Time Series
Ledger Estimation
Balancing an Account  Bond Investment
Distinction between Journal and Ledger Linear Programming
Trial balance  Simulation
  Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
  Development of Human Resources
  Human Implications of Organizations
  Employees’ Feedback and Reward System
  Performance Management - Part 1
  Performance Management - Part 2


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