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Regular Study - Accounting & Finance for Bankers

Both Basic Accounting Concepts and the concepts specially for the subject are given below. I request everyone to go through the Basic Concepts first if they are not already well versed with them :

Basic Accounting Terms Annuity
Classification of Accounts  Yield To Maturity (YTM) 
Process of Accounting Depreciation
Objective of accounting  Foreign Exchange Arithmetic 
Steps/Phases of Accounting Cycle Trial balance
Basic Assumptions  Concepts of Accountancy 
Basic Concepts of Accounting Capital and Revenue Expenditure/Receipts
Modifying Principles  Calculation of Interest
Single Entry System Calculation of Interest-Cont'd
Double Entry System  Calculation of Interest-Cont'd
Differences between Single entry system and Double entry system Capital Budgeting
Types of Transactions  Definition, Scope and Accounting Standards
Types of Transactions - Illustrations Basic Accountancy procedures
Accounting Equation  Maintenance of Cash/Subsidiary Books and Ledger
Journal  Bank Reconciliation statement
Ledger Trial balance, Rectification of Errors and Adjusting & Closing Entries
Balancing an Account  Bills of Exchange
Distinction between Journal and Ledger Balance Sheet Equation
Trial balance  Preparation of Final Accounts
  Ratio Analysis
  Final Accounts of Banking Companies
  Company Accounts
  Accounting in Computerised Environment








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